Wes Wilson

Wes Wilson, MA, LMFT, LAC, ACS

Wesley Wilson MA, LMFT, LAC, ACS

Wes is the founder and director of Springs Counseling Services. He is a Licensed Marriage and Family therapist, a Licensed Addictions Counselor, and an Approved Clinical Supervisor. As a supervisor he trains other therapists working towards licensure and other certifications.

Wes earned a Master of Psychology Degree at Pepperdine University Graduate School of Psychology in California. He went on to serve with several worldwide humanitarian and mission organizations. For over 30 years he served in executive positions traveling to a different country almost every day. Working amongst peoples from every culture and race on earth, Wes has a unique ability to read people no matter where they came from or what they have been through. He has been through much of it himself.

He is expert in communication, marriage and intimacy issues, sex compulsions, religious matters, and leadership dynamics. Wes is qualified to relate to people and families who are dealing with spiritual needs. His methods rely upon established principles from the Bible that focus on personal development and mental health.

Wes has been active in counseling, life coaching, executive leadership, and corporate development for over 30 years. As President and Chairman of the Board for Marriage Plus for many years, Wes was involved in seeing thousands of marriages being saved after attending marriage counseling, seminars, and workshops. A number of organizations, churches and other therapists now refer to Wes Wilson’s counseling practice.

Married for over thirty-six years, Wes and his wife, Gayle have raised two sons who are now successful on their own.

Wes is known for helping couples to “Get Each Other”. Certified as a Collaborative Communications Therapist, he knows how to help couples and families “fight better”. As a Parenting Coordinator, and Mediator, he is qualified to help families, individuals, and even organizations work out issues and come to creative agreements and domestic contracts.

Wes knows that for many the thought of “therapy” can seem strange and sometimes scary. If you have ever had such concerns, Wes is your counselor. He listens, he understands. Even though he is expert in recent advances in psychotherapeutic theory and treatment, Wes can be very sensitive about your unique background, perspectives and needs. Call Wes Wilson for an initial session to get started right away towards the development of a successful treatment plan and ultimate relief.

If you are involved with the military or have insurance benefits please note that Wes Wilson is a qualified provider for most insurance companies.

Gayle Wilson

Gayle Wilson, Registered Psychotherapist

Gayle is the administrator of Springs Counseling Services. She is a Registered Psychotherapist in the State of Colorado. Trained in Collaborative Communication she is expert in helping wives and husbands develop better communication in their marriage. Gayle often works with her husband when couples or groups are in need of more than just professional counseling. She brings life, encouragement, and practical methods to every situation.

Gayle grew up in a wonderful family with a tragic secret. Her mother was very sick with cancer every day and night. When Gayle was a teenager, at the age of 16 her mom passed away. Then all kinds of changes happened with stepfamily members, etc. After her college education she married Wes and a few years later they began a family. Over four years time she experienced more tragedy with difficult pregnancies, only to give birth to two sons, who died. Years later, with much struggle, Gayle gave birth to two more sons. Today those boys are grown up. One is married and a leader with Springs Rescue Mission. The other son is a movie producer and cinematographer in Southern California.

Gayle is a wife and mother who is very relational and inspiring. Her seminars and messages include titles such as: “Struggles Make You Strong”, “Healthy Living”, and “Managing the Mayhem”. Today, Gayle relates to many clients as well as business organizations, churches, and therapists as the Administrator of Springs Counseling Services


Springs Counseling Services provides the highest qualified and trained staff therapists as well as a complete network of referrals to many areas of specialty including: Play Therapy for children, EMDR for trauma, adolescent boys and girls, elderly, families, groups and company teams, boards, etc.

Every therapist is fully “vetted”, researched, qualified, insured and in agreement with the highest standards of both legal and moral standards, that Springs Counseling Services requires.



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Wes Wilson of Springs Counseling Services is a provider with most national insurance companies.